Plenary Keynotes

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Prof. Ivan P. Parkin

Dean, Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University College London, UK

Functional thin films on Glass- improving transparent conducting oxides

Prof. Leszek A. DobrzaƄski, Dr hc multi

Medical and Dental Engineering Centre for Research, Design and Production Asklepios, Gliwice, Poland

New obtained nanostructural coatings on sintered tool materials and inside pores of a new generation microporous materials for medical application

Prof. Ronghua Wei

Program Director/Institute Scientist Southwest Research Institute

Plasma Enhanced Magnetron Sputter (PEMS) Deposition of Superhard, Ultrathick Nanocomposite Coatings: Preparation, Properties and Practical Applications

Prof. Li Chang Ming

Institute for Clean Energy & Advanced Materials (ICEAM), Southwest University, China

Architecting unique thin film structure for high performance biosensors

Prof. Paul K. Chu

Department of Physics and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong

Modification of Biomaterials by Plasma and related Techniques

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Invited Talks

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